Best Reviewed Baby Dressers under $75 of 2023


Decoder analyzed more than 2,029 reviews to find which baby dressers under $75 are loved by shoppers, and which ones standout based on the following important qualities:

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Style
  • Number Of Drawers
  • Finish

Read more about what factors to consider when shopping for baby dressers in our buyer's guide.

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If you're looking for a small dresser with a lot of personality, this might be the one for you. Just be aware that the colors may not be exactly as pictured.

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Overall, this is a great piece of furniture for small spaces. It's easy to assemble, modern, and lightweight yet sturdy. However, some reviewers felt that the quality was not worth the price.

Rank based on 276 reviews

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This is a great quality dresser for the price. It's easy to assemble and perfect for small rooms or nurseries. However, the small drawers may not be suitable for storing larger items of clothing.

Rank based on 288 reviews

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This dresser is perfect for small rooms or as a side of the bed dresser. It's easy to assemble, sturdy, and well-made. The fabric drawers may be too tall to fit and are see-through.

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This dresser is perfect for small spaces, easy to assemble, and has a sleek and modern style.

Rank based on 281 reviews


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The baby dresser is easy to assemble, has extra storage space, and is a cute addition to any nursery. However, some find the drawers too small and the quality of the dresser to be cheap.

Rank based on 169 reviews

Buyer's Guide

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Oct. 4, 20222 3:02 p.m. PT

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Planning to buy a baby dresser?


If you’re in the market for a baby dresser, you know that there are many considerations to make beyond just cost and color. What size do you need? How will the piece look in your home? How sturdy is it? Can it meet all the safety requirements? This buying guide looks at all of these important questions to help you make an informed purchase decision that’s right for your family.

When buying a baby dresser, size is one of the most important factors. If you don’t have much room in your nursery or bedroom, measure before you shop so that you can find something that fits perfectly with no extra space required. The last thing you want is a piece of furniture that takes up too much room and looks cramped or out of place.

Safety should be a priority when selecting any piece of furniture for your baby’s room. Look for dressers constructed from materials like oak, maple, or pine, which are strong and reliable choices. Be sure to check if any drawers are equipped with self-closing mechanisms designed to prevent them from fully closing on little fingers — an essential feature for safety-conscious parents. The drawers should also have stops attached so they don't pull out entirely and injure anyone by falling on them. Finally, make sure all hardware used is secure and free from sharp edges or points that could harm children's delicate skin.

Aesthetics also matter when shopping for furniture — especially when it comes to kids' rooms! Different woods can provide different visual effects to suit various tastes and design schemes; wood finishes come in a myriad of colors to choose from; knobs can be sleekly modern, vintage-inspired, or whimsically decorative depending on what type of look appeals to you most; and so on. It is ultimately up to your personal style!

Finally — but certainly not least — durability must be taken into consideration when making any furniture purchase intended for long-term use (especially where babies are concerned). Look for pieces made using strong solid wood construction methods; sturdy dovetail joinery; high-grade drawer glides that are designed not only for smooth operation but also longevity; and other such quality details to ensure lasting performance throughout the expected life cycle of the product .

When shopping for a baby dresser, keep these factors top of mind as they will help guide your purchasing decision so that whatever dresser ends up in your home will last through years of wear-and-tear while looking great too!

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