Best Reviewed Baby Swings of 2023


Decoder analyzed more than 15,869 reviews to find which baby swings are loved by shoppers, and which ones standout based on the following important qualities:

  • Portability
  • Vibration
  • Music
  • Washability
  • Maximum Speed

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Best Overall


Bottom Line

The bouncer is perfect for soothing baby with its vibration and swing feature, as well as providing entertainment with its built-in music player. The seat is easy to remove and wash, making it a great choice for parents who want a clean and comfortable bouncer for their baby.

Rank based on 1,932 reviews

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Also Great


Bottom Line

This bouncer is lightweight and easy to move around, and it folds up for easy storage and transport. It's also machine washable, which is a plus. However, there is no timer on the bouncer, so it will continue to run even after baby falls asleep. Batteries also don't last very long.

Rank based on 1,532 reviews

Premium Choice


Bottom Line

This swing is a good choice for those looking for something with a little extra soothing power. However, the vibration isn't very strong and the music feature is difficult to use.

Rank based on 70 reviews

Budget Pick


The BlueSnail Baby Swing is a high-quality, plush swing made with sherpa and polyester lining. It is adjustable with velcro and comes with a cute hat with ears. It is suitable for babies 0-3 months old and is a great gift idea.

Rank based on 299 reviews


Bottom Line

The Graco Duet Soothe Swing and Rocker is a great choice for those looking for a strong and soothing vibration, classical music selection, and 6 different speed settings to accommodate even the fussiest of babies. However, the vibration feature may stop working after a few days or weeks of use and it makes a slight noise when in use.

Rank based on 2,473 reviews


Bottom Line

The Baby Swing is a great choice for parents looking for an easy-to-use swing with many ways to play music and control the perfect amount of swinging.

Rank based on 53 reviews


Bottom Line

This swing is easy to set up and transport, and includes a soothing vibration setting and 8 different songs. The seat cover and chair cushion are machine-washable, making it easy to keep clean.

Rank based on 907 reviews


Bottom Line

The Baby Swing is a great choice for those looking for a portable, lightweight option with soothing vibration. However, the clicks when changing speeds and limited variety of songs are drawbacks.

Rank based on 310 reviews


Bottom Line

This swing has many features that can be helpful in getting baby to sleep. The vibration, music, and 5 speed settings are easy to use and work well. The machine-washable cover and easy-to-clean frame are also great features.

Rank based on 52 reviews


Bottom Line

The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is a great way to keep your baby entertained. It has a wide range of volume settings, Bluetooth capabilities, and a variety of songs to choose from.

Rank based on 101 reviews


Bottom Line

This baby swing has some great features that parents love, like the vibration, timer function, and different speed settings. However, the extra battery required for the vibration and the repetitive music can be a drawback.

Rank based on 629 reviews


Bottom Line

The music is a nice touch, but it can be too loud for some parents. The swing's speed is adjustable, but it can be very jerky.

Rank based on 62 reviews


Bottom Line

The Baby Swing is a great choice for those looking for a soothing and calming option for their infants. It's lightweight and easy to assemble, making it perfect for travel or small spaces. However, the maximum speed is too slow for many parents.

Rank based on 283 reviews


Bottom Line

The perfect portable baby swing for those who are looking for a strong vibration feature and soothing music. However, the vibration function is a bit too loud for some parents.

Rank based on 2,269 reviews


The Ity by Ingenuity Swingity Swing Easy-Fold Portable Swing is a compact swing with 6 speed options, 2 reclining positions, and a removable headrest for newborns. It has an easy-fold design and a take-along handle for portability, and a washable seat pad for easy cleanup.

Rank based on 22 reviews


Bottom Line

The vibration and music features of this baby swing can be great for soothing and calming babies. However, the vibration function may stop working after only a few weeks or months of use, and the music may be repetitive or not recognizable.

Rank based on 495 reviews


The Bright Starts Bounce 'n Spring Deluxe Door Jumper is a great way to keep your baby entertained. It includes four playtime toys, adjustable straps, and a soft prop pillow. The light-weight frame makes transport easy.

Rank based on 1,813 reviews


Bottom Line

This swing is a great choice for those looking for a strong, efficient vibrating action. However, it may be too noisy and creaky sounding for some parents and the vibration may be too strong for some babies.

Rank based on 756 reviews


The Ingenuity Keep Cozy Baby Bouncer, Rocker & Toddler Seat has 3 modes for parent convenience and baby preference: bouncing, rocking, and stationary seat (kickstand at the rear of the chair). With soothing vibrations and a removable infant bolster, it's perfect for newborns up to 40 pounds.

Rank based on 113 reviews


The SYCYH Baby Swing is a modern and trendy swing with a simple design and a soft, washable seat cover. It has a durable aluminum base with anti-skid grips for stability and comes with a remote control. It has a 3-point safety belt and is ASTM certified.

Rank based on 10 reviews


Bottom Line

Although this baby swing has some great features, the noisy vibration function and lack of support make it less than ideal.

Rank based on 147 reviews


Bottom Line

The vibration feature on this baby swing is quiet and efficient, making it a great choice for those looking for a calming option. The seat can be turned without having to move the entire stand, and the swing reclines to two different positions.

Rank based on 176 reviews


The Philips Hue Go White and Color Portable Smart Light Table Lamp is a wireless, portable, and rechargeable light table lamp that offers 16 million colors and shades of white light. It is compatible with Alexa smart home devices for voice control and can be controlled via the on-product button or the Philips Hue App.

Rank based on 778 reviews


Bottom Line

The vibration is very calming and soothing and there are two ranges of sitting up or lying down. Some reviewers did not like the quality of the built-in music, but it may be an issue for a smaller baby.

Rank based on 204 reviews