Best Baby Monitors Deals for March 23, 2023

We rounded up the best baby monitors deals available today. These new baby monitors have updated features for video quality, night vision, battery life, temperature sensor, and audio quality. Clean up with these money-saving deals.

Prices change frequently so check back if you don't see a deal you like today.

Best Baby Monitors Deals

  1. HelloBaby 5''Display – $80, was $130

  2. Kidsneed Baby Monitor – $70, was $110

  3. Kidsneed Baby Monitor – $70, was $110

  4. ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor – $50, was $75

  5. HelloBaby Baby Monitor – $60, was $90

  6. VTimes Baby Monitor Video Baby Monitor – $55, was $80

HelloBaby 5''Display – $80, was $130

Why Buy

  • Clear video quality both day and night

  • Great infrared camera with clear images and sound

  • Temperature sensor is accurate and allows parents to monitor the room temperature from the monitor

  • White noise machine is helpful in transitioning baby to sleeping in their own bed

The HelloBaby HB6550 is a remote pan-tilt-zoom camera baby monitor with a 5 inch screen. It is an update of the HelloBaby monitor and is not compatible with other models. Extra cameras for the HB6550 are available. The monitor has two-way audio, room temperature monitoring and alert, night vision, 8 lullabies, sound level LED indicator,

Kidsneed Baby Monitor – $70, was $110

Why Buy

  • Excellent video quality with clear picture and sound

  • Night vision is excellent, allowing parents to see their sleeping baby from across the room

  • Temperature sensor is helpful for knowing if the room is too hot or cold for the baby

  • White noise feature helps babies sleep through the night

  • Built-in microphone allows parents to listen in on their child and soothe them if needed

The Kidsneed Baby Monitor with Night Vision Camera gives you a clear view of your child at night, with a wide-screen display and two-way audio for smooth conversations. Additionally, this baby monitor has room temperature monitoring and a secure, stable connection.

Kidsneed Baby Monitor – $70, was $110

Why Buy

  • Video quality is clear and crisp, even in total darkness

  • Night vision is great with a range of up to 360 degrees

  • Temperature sensor is very accurate

  • Camera can be adjusted to point towards the baby

  • Screen quality is praised by reviewers

  • Battery life is average

The Kidsneed SM935A is a baby monitor with a 3.5 inch large display, pan-tilt-zoom camera, night vision, two-way talk, temperature monitoring, and expandability to four cameras.

ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor – $50, was $75

Why Buy

  • Excellent video and sound quality

  • Great night vision with perfect clarity

  • Helpful temperature sensor

  • Soothing white noise feature

The ANMEATE Baby Monitor is a reliable and easy-to-use monitor that keeps an eye on your baby privately and securely. It features a high-quality color screen, high-definition night vision, temperature monitoring, two-way talk, long transmission range, easy installation, and high-capacity battery.

HelloBaby Baby Monitor – $60, was $90

Why Buy

  • Excellent video quality with clear picture and functional features

  • Good sound quality that is crystal clear for some parents

  • Great night vision with clear image quality

  • Accurate temperature sensor that gives parents peace of mind

The Hello Baby HB65 Video Baby Monitor features a 3.2" screen and digital camera to provide a crystal clear image. The camera automatically detects low light and enables night vision, while two-way communication lets you soothe your child without entering the room.

VTimes Baby Monitor Video Baby Monitor – $55, was $80

Why Buy

  • Video quality is clear and bright

  • Works in color and switches to night vision automatically

  • Large screen size

  • Accurate temperature sensor

  • Noise detection

  • White noise feature helps soothe babies to sleep

The Baby Monitor is a device that helps you take care of your baby when you are away from them. It has a small camera that transmits the image to a large screen, so you can see your baby at all times. It also has two-way talk technology so you can communicate with your baby, and 8 lullabies to soothe them.

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