Best Reviewed Electric Kettles under $25 of 2023


Decoder analyzed more than 14,308 reviews to find which electric kettles under $25 are loved by shoppers, and which ones standout based on the following important qualities:

  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Temperature Control
  • Boiling Speed
  • Ease Of Use

Read more about what factors to consider when shopping for electric kettles in our buyer's guide.

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This electric kettle is perfect for quickly boiling water and making tea. The temperature control is accurate and the automatic shut-off is a great safety feature.

Rank based on 1,802 reviews

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This electric kettle is a great choice for those who want quick and quiet boiling. The temperature control and automatic shut-off features make it a safe and easy-to-use option.

Rank based on 1,853 reviews

Budget Pick


Bottom Line

This electric kettle boils water quickly and has temperature control for efficient boiling. The automatic shut-off is a handy feature, but some reviewers have had issues with it not working properly.

Rank based on 3,703 reviews

Premium Choice


Bottom Line

This electric kettle is perfect for those who want to boil water quickly and easily. The automatic shut-off and temperature control make it a great choice for making hot tea. However, some reviewers found the kettle too small for their needs.

Rank based on 430 reviews


Bottom Line

The quick boiling time and automatic shut-off feature make this electric kettle a great choice for those who need a fast and convenient way to boil water.

Rank based on 5,078 reviews


Bottom Line

The fast boiling speed and efficient temperature control make this electric kettle a great choice for those looking for an easy-to-use and clean option. However, the automatic shut-off feature may stop working after a few months of use.

Rank based on 992 reviews


Bottom Line

This electric kettle is a good choice for those looking for fast boiling and good temperature control. However, the heavy duty electrical cord may be a drawback for some.

Rank based on 450 reviews

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Oct. 4, 20222 3:02 p.m. PT

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Planning to buy an electric kettle?

When buying an electric kettle, there are many factors to consider in order to get the best possible product. The most important thing to look at is the capacity of the kettle. How much water do you need to be able to boil at one time? The next thing to consider is the wattage. A higher wattage means the kettle will be able to heat up the water faster. Another thing to consider is the material the kettle is made out of. Some materials will hold heat better than others and some will be more durable than others. Finally, take a look at the price and find something that fits your budget.

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