Best Reviewed Refrigerators under $1,300 of 2023


Decoder analyzed more than 17,108 reviews to find which refrigerators under $1300 are loved by shoppers, and which ones standout based on the following important qualities:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Capacity
  • Shelving
  • Ice Maker
  • Temperature Control

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Results (28)

Best Overall


Bottom Line

This refrigerator has great temperature control, an ice maker that works well, and space-saving shelving.

Rank based on 1,132 reviews

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Also Great


Bottom Line

Perfect for those who want a spacious and reliable mini fridge with great ice-making capabilities.

Rank based on 1,468 reviews

Budget Pick


Bottom Line

The RCA Compact Refrigerator is perfect for small spaces. It has a capacity that can hold six cans, a six-pack, or four small juices with space to spare. The ice maker is convenient and perfect for small spaces.

Rank based on 861 reviews

Premium Choice


The Bottom Freezer refrigerator from Samsung is a space-saving, modern appliance with a slim width that fits beautifully into your kitchen. The fingerprint resistant finish withstands everyday smudges, while the LED lighting and easy slide shelf make it easy to find and access all of your food items. The Bottom Freezer refrigerator is also Energy Star certified for efficiency.

Rank based on 4 reviews


Bottom Line

If you're looking for a large capacity fridge that is space-saving and energy efficient, this model from LG is a great option. However, some reviewers find the temperature control dial to be inaccurate.

Rank based on 866 reviews


Bottom Line

This refrigerator is a great choice for those who need quick and efficient cooling and freezing. The shelves are also adjustable and made of glass, making this unit easy to clean.

Rank based on 3,385 reviews


Bottom Line

Overall, this fridge is a good choice for those looking for a space-saving option with excellent temperature control. However, the small freezer and lack of space inside the unit may be a dealbreaker for some.

Rank based on 787 reviews


Bottom Line

This fridge is a great choice for those looking for an energy efficient option with good temperature control and plenty of space inside.

Rank based on 1,691 reviews


Bottom Line

Though it has some drawbacks, this refrigerator is praised for its temperature control, size, and energy efficiency.

Rank based on 835 reviews


Bottom Line

If you are looking for an ice maker that is efficient and space-saving, then this is the one for you.

Rank based on 575 reviews


Bottom Line

A good fridge for small spaces that quickly cools down and is energy efficient. However, some water condensation can form at the bottom and shelf removal/adjustment is difficult.

Rank based on 1,242 reviews


Bottom Line

This fridge is perfect for small kitchens and has excellent temperature control. However, some reviewers noted that the fridge does not get as cold as they would like and that the ice maker doesn't get as cold as expected.

Rank based on 506 reviews


Bottom Line

This refrigerator is perfect for those who need quick and powerful cooling, as well as plenty of space to store cans and bottles.

Rank based on 210 reviews


Bottom Line

This fridge is a good choice for those looking for an energy efficient option that doesn't take up a lot of space. However, the temperature control can be inconsistent, especially in warmer environments.

Rank based on 133 reviews


Bottom Line

This refrigerator is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and energy efficient option. The noisy motor may be a drawback for some, but overall this fridge is a great option.

Rank based on 291 reviews


Bottom Line

This fridge is great for those who need a reliable and efficient option. Though the shelves are not very sturdy, the fridge overall is designed well and features many space-saving options.

Rank based on 290 reviews


Bottom Line

This fridge is a great size for 2 people and has plenty of room for drinks with space to spare. The shelves are made of glass and plastic, which makes them feel cheap and fragile.

Rank based on 477 reviews


Bottom Line

If you're looking for an efficient and spacious fridge, this model from GE is a great option.

Rank based on 47 reviews


Bottom Line

This fridge is a good choice for those with small or compact kitchens. The ice maker is quick and efficient, but the temperature control can be imperfect.

Rank based on 50 reviews


Bottom Line

The fridge has great temperature control and an ice maker, which are both great features. Additionally, the shelves are moveable, which makes it easy to customize the space to your needs. However, some reviewers have said that the shelves are not flush with the back of the fridge, which makes it difficult to put larger items on them. Additionally, the fridge comes with one full size and one half size shelf, which doesn't effectively utilize the space.

Rank based on 1,068 reviews


This retro-styled fridge is perfect for small spaces, with a sleek design and easily accessible temperature controls. The 3.2 cu ft size and .25 cu ft freezer compartment make it perfect for storing snacks and beverages, while the flush back design means it can be placed virtually anywhere.

Rank based on 244 reviews


The Kenmore Top Freezer and Refrigerator is a large, top freezer refrigerator with 20.8 cubic ft. of interior space and long-lasting LED lighting. It features full-width adjustable glass shelves, 2 clear plastic crisper drawers, slide-out glass storage shelves, and door storage for tall and wide items.

Rank based on 79 reviews


This refrigerator has a built-in freezer compartment and is 2.5 cu ft, perfect for small spaces. It comes with an ice cube tray, temperature-control knob, and space-saving flush back design.

Rank based on 161 reviews


The Potiry mini fridge uses new heating and cooling technology to cool down to 40 F below ambient temperature, or keep warm up to 149 F. With a 6L capacity, it is perfect for storing skincare products, drinks, snacks, and meals. The removable shelf makes small items like face cream easy to store separately.

Rank based on 137 reviews


This mini fridge has a single door design and 3.2 Cu.ft (90.6 L) capacity, including a freezer. It is space efficient and perfect for dorms, offices, bedrooms, RV cars and garages. With an adjustable thermostat and 5 variable temperature settings, it is energy-efficient and quiet. It also features a crisper drawer and removable shelves.

Rank based on 144 reviews


The Kenmore 25 Cubic Ft. Slim Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Freezer is a slim refrigerator and freezer combo that offers ample fresh and frozen food storage in a compact design. This refrigerator and freezer combo features 15.46 cubic ft. of interior refrigerated space for fresh foods and 9.11 cubic ft. of freezer storage for frozen foods, and has gallon-

Rank based on 64 reviews