Best Reviewed Rice Cookers under $75 of 2023


Decoder analyzed more than 43,140 reviews to find which rice cookers under $75 are loved by shoppers, and which ones standout based on the following important qualities:

  • Steaming Function
  • Ease Of Use
  • Ease Of Cleaning
  • Build Quality

Read more about what factors to consider when shopping for rice cookers in our buyer's guide.

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The steaming function and large capacity make this rice cooker a great choice for those looking for an appliance that can do it all.

Rank based on 4,997 reviews

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The Dash Mini Rice Cooker with Keep Warm technology is the ultimate mini rice cooker, ideal for single-serving cooking. Just add water and press cook: your meal will be ready in less than 20 minutes! The Keep Warm function ensures that food stays hot, and the removable, nonstick pot makes clean-up easy.

Rank based on 5,057 reviews

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This rice cooker is perfect for those who want perfectly steamed rice every time. It's easy to use and clean, and the large capacity is great for families or large groups. However, it does take longer to cook rice than other methods.

Rank based on 641 reviews

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This rice cooker is perfect for those looking for an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean option. However, some reviewers found that the cooker overcooks or undercooks rice.

Rank based on 844 reviews


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The steaming function on this rice cooker is perfect for those who want to cook rice quickly and easily. It is also great for steaming vegetables. The machine is easy to use and clean, and produces consistent results every time.

Rank based on 2,403 reviews


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A great rice cooker for those who want leftovers or who have small families. The pot is easy to clean, and the build quality is excellent.

Rank based on 4,823 reviews


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The Oster DuraCeramic Rice Cooker is a great choice for families of four or more people. It has a steaming function for quick and easy rice cooking, and can also be used to cook other dishes such as soup dumplings and steamed vegetables. The nonstick pot is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, and the convenient size doesn't take up much room in the kitchen.

Rank based on 1,051 reviews


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The light and user-friendly design of this rice cooker make it perfect for those who want an easy to use steaming function. It can cook rice and vegetables at the same time, making it perfect for couples or small families.

Rank based on 648 reviews


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The steaming function is great for cooking rice and vegetables at the same time, and the nonstick pot is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The build quality is top-notch, but there is no timer included.

Rank based on 1,242 reviews


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The quick cooking times and ease of cleanup make this rice cooker a great choice for those looking for an efficient and affordable option.

Rank based on 4,998 reviews


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The rice cooker is perfect for those who want an appliance that looks great and works well. It is made of high quality materials, is easy to use and even easier to clean.

Rank based on 5,029 reviews


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The steaming function on this rice cooker is excellent, perfect for small families or those cooking for themselves. However, the pot scratches easily and the hole in the lid is too big.

Rank based on 1,213 reviews


The Go Grains rice and grains cooker makes perfect rice (or any other grain) with the press of a button. The no guess presets keep everything easy. From white rice and brown rice to quinoa and steel cut oats, Go Grains has the right setting to make your meal with the push of a button.

Rank based on 339 reviews


The Instant Zest Rice and Grain Cooker is a versatile appliance that can cook various types of rice and grains quickly and perfectly. It also doubles as a steamer for veggies, fish, and other foods. With a 8-cup capacity, it's perfect for small individual meals or side dishes.

Rank based on 1,115 reviews


The Imusa Rice Cooker is perfect for today's busy lifestyles. It saves time by making delicious rice in only minutes, and is energy efficient because it reduces cooking time on the stove. It is also easy to use, with a simple on/off switch and a warming setting to reheat rice. Plus, it makes perfect rice every time!

Rank based on 305 reviews


The Aroma 4-Cup/8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer is a versatile appliance that can cook rice, steam meats and vegetables, and prepare one-pot dishes. It has a compact capacity that is perfect for small individual meals or side dishes, and features easy-to-use digital controls with automatic Keep Warm and White Rice and Brown Rice functions.

Rank based on 5,080 reviews


The aroma 14-Cup (cooked) pot style rice cooker and food steamer is perfect for preparing 4 to 14 cups of restaurant-quality rice. With its simple, one-touch operation and automatic keep-warm setting, this versatile appliance is also great for jambalaya, oatmeal, soup, stew, chili and much more!

Rank based on 867 reviews


The Hamilton Beach Small Electric Rice Cooker & Food Steamer is a versatile and easy-to-use appliance for cooking rice and steaming food. It features a removable nonstick cooking pot and rice rinser/steam basket, making cleanup a breeze. The rice cooker also includes a measuring cup and rice paddle, making it simple to prepare a perfect meal every time.

Rank based on 647 reviews


The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker and Steamer is a versatile appliance that allows you to cook a variety of dishes with ease. The removable nonstick pot is large enough to feed your whole family, and the 2-in-1 steamer basket can be used to steam seafood, poultry, and vegetables. The dishwasher-safe cooking pot makes cleanup a breeze.

Rank based on 1,841 reviews

Buyer's Guide

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Oct. 4, 20222 3:02 p.m. PT

Decoder is a product recommendation engine that eliminates the guesswork of online shopping and finds the perfect product for your needs.

Planning to buy a rice cooker?

When considering which rice cooker to buy, there are several factors you'll want to take into account. First, think about how much rice you typically cook at one time. If you frequently cook large batches of rice, you'll want to choose a cooker with a capacity of at least 6 cups. If you only cook small amounts of rice, a 3-cup cooker will suffice.

Next, consider the features that are important to you. Some cookers come with a steamer basket, which is great for steaming vegetables or seafood. Others have a keep-warm function that allows you to keep your rice warm for up to 12 hours. And some even have a delay timer, so you can set the cooker to start cooking at a later time.

Finally, think about your budget. Rice cookers range in price from around $20 to $200. So, decide how much you're willing to spend, and then narrow down your choices to a few models that fit your needs. With so many great options on the market, you're sure to find the perfect rice cooker for your kitchen.

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