Best Reviewed Vacuums under $75 of 2023


Decoder analyzed more than 42,054 reviews to find which vacuums under $75 are loved by shoppers, and which ones standout based on the following important qualities:

  • Attachments
  • Weight
  • Cleaning Power
  • Ease Of Cleaning
  • Dustbin Capacity

Read more about what factors to consider when shopping for vacuums in our buyer's guide.

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Best Overall


The ArmorAll Utility Vac is a car vacuum designed to clean both wet and dry messes, easily convert to a blower, and comes with multiple nozzles and a reusable cloth filter. This Armor All Utility Vac is specifically designed to clean the interior of your car.

Rank based on 4,999 reviews

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Bottom Line

This vacuum has good suction power and is easy to empty and clean. It comes with attachments for getting into tight spaces and delicate surfaces, making it a great choice for those who need a versatile and lightweight option.

Rank based on 4,990 reviews

Budget Pick


Bottom Line

The Armor All AA255 is a good choice for those looking for an everyday car vacuum. It's lightweight and compact, making it easy to use and store. Additionally, the different attachments make it easy to deep clean your car's interior.

Rank based on 4,990 reviews

Premium Choice


Bottom Line

This vacuum cleaner is a great choice for those looking for an affordable and powerful option. It is easy to use and maneuver, and has a large dustbin capacity. However, the attachments are not the best quality and can be easily lost.

Rank based on 5,063 reviews


Bottom Line

A versatile and powerful vacuum that is easy to maneuver and store.

Rank based on 7,150 reviews


Bottom Line

The Good Boy vacuum is a good choice for those looking for an easy-to-use and lightweight option. It has good cleaning power, but the power cord is on the shorter side.

Rank based on 5,000 reviews


Bottom Line

If you have hardwood floors or light carpets, this vacuum is a good choice. It's easy to maneuver and lightweight, and the dustbin can be easily emptied. However, it's not very good for thick carpets or large areas.

Rank based on 4,960 reviews


Bottom Line

This vacuum is a good choice for hardwood and tile floors, but not as good on carpets. It's lightweight and easy to maneuver, with a large dustbin capacity and washable filters.

Rank based on 4,902 reviews

Buyer's Guide

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Oct. 4, 20222 3:02 p.m. PT

Decoder is a product recommendation engine that eliminates the guesswork of online shopping and finds the perfect product for your needs.

Planning to buy a vacuum?

When buying a vacuum, you should consider the type of vacuum you need, the features you want, the price, and the brand. There are many different types of vacuums, including upright, canister, handheld, and robotic. Each type has its own set of pros and cons.

Upright vacuums are the most popular type. They are easy to use and can clean both carpet and hard floors. However, they are bulky and can be difficult to maneuver around furniture.

Canister vacuums are lighter and easier to maneuver than upright vacuums. They are also good for cleaning hard floors, but they are not as good at cleaning carpets.

Handheld vacuums are small and portable, making them easy to use for quick cleanups. However, they do not have the suction power of larger vacuums and are not good for cleaning large areas.

Robotic vacuums are becoming more popular because they are very convenient. They can be scheduled to clean your floors while you are away, and they do a good job of cleaning both carpets and hard floors. However, they are more expensive than other types of vacuums.

When choosing a vacuum, you should also consider the features you want. Some vacuums have special features, such as HEPA filters, that can remove more dust and allergens from the air. Other features to consider include cordless operation, bagless design, and automatic recharging.

Finally, you should consider the price and the brand. There are many different brands of vacuums, and they vary widely in price. You should choose a vacuum that is within your budget and that has good reviews.

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